Four Below

Four Below Cover

Four Below

By Peter Helton

Soho Constable, Hardcover, 9781616950828, 310pp.

Publication Date: January 24, 2012

Heavy snow, and it's still only November. DI McLusky has settled into his new job in Bristol but the severe weather shows an unfamiliar side to the city. After the conviction of a drug baron earlier in the year a new kingpin secures the hub of drug crime in Bristol. But how secure does he feel? A series of seemingly unconnected murders, accidents and dying drug users, investigated by McLusky and his team, slowly reveal the web of violence that spreads across the city. Narrow strips of a cut-up photograph arriving piecemeal at the "Bristol Herald"'s office may hold vital clues, but will the completed puzzle reach McLusky in time to prevent more deaths?
The private lives of both McLusky and his rival, DI Kat Fairfield, take unexpected turns too, making the atmosphere at Albany Road station, already considerably cooled by the failed heating, icier still.

About the Author
Born in Germany, Peter Helton now lives in Bath, Somerset. He has a Fine Art degree, and paints and exhibits regularly in London, Cornwall and Bath, writing in his spare time. As well as the Chris Honeysett mystery series, he is the author of the DI Liam McLusky series.

Praise For Four Below

“Helton, who seems to have learned how to hatch plots and evoke threats from studying the adroit Bill James, delivers a gritty procedural with an idiosyncratic hero well worth rooting for.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The atmosphere is a nearly uniform gray, but Helton’s affection for his characters and the clever writing light the darkness.”
Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine

Praise for Falling More Slowly

“Helton, who has written three novels in another series, specializes in the police procedural, and Falling More Slowly is a testament to his love of the form. It's gritty and realistic, and although an arrest is made, the conclusion—like life—is messy and tentative.”
Richmond Times-Dispatch

San Diego Union-Tribune