Others of My Kind

Others of My Kind Cover

Others of My Kind

By James Sallis

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, Hardcover, 9781620402092, 116pp.

Publication Date: September 10, 2013


At age eight, Jenny Rowan was abducted and kept for two years in a box beneath her captor's bed. Eventually she escaped and, after living for eighteen months on cast-offs at the local mall, was put into the child-care system. Suing for emancipation, at age sixteen she became a legal adult. Nowadays she works as a production editor for the local public TV station, and is one of the world's good people.

One evening she returns home to find a detective waiting for her. Though her records are sealed, he somehow knows her story. He asks if she can help with a young woman who, like her many years before, has been abducted and traumatized.

Initially hesitant, Jenny decides to get involved, reviving buried memories and setting in motion an unexpected interchange with the president herself. As brilliantly spare and compact as are all of James Sallis's novels, "Others of My Kind" stands apart for its female protagonist. Set in a near future of political turmoil, it is a story of how we overcome, how we shape ourselves by what happens to us, and of how the human spirit, whatever horrors it undergoes, will not be put down.

*San Francisco Chronicle.

About the Author
Jim Sallis has published fifteen novels, including the Lew Griffin series, Others of My Kind, Death Will Have Your Eyes, and Drive. Drive was adapted for film and released in 2011. He also published the standard biography of Chester Himes, a translation of Raymond Queneau's novel, Saint Glinglin, and multiple collections of essays and stories. He has three collections of poems: Sorrow's Kitchen, Rain's Eagerness, and now BLACK NIGHT'S GONNA CATCH ME HERE: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS (New Rivers Press, 2015). Born in Helena, Arkansas, Sallis spent his childhood on the banks of the Mississippi River and then attended Tulane University in New Orleans, where he first began to sell his writing. He subsequently moved to Iowa and then to London, where he wrote much of his first book of prose and poetry, A Few Last Words. Sallis has lived in New York City, Boston, Paris, Pennsylvania, and Texas. At present he lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Praise For Others of My Kind

“Sallis has always been the master of doing more with less, as he demonstrates once again with this startling experimental novel…The theme of working with 'what you have left,' a constant in Sallis's world, permeates every sentence of this slim, insightful work." –Publishers Weekly (starred review) “Surprising power: Jenny is an irresistible character, and there are flashes here of insight and sweetness.” –Kirkus Reviews "This will make you think about how—indeed, if—you interact with the world; how we construct our lives; how we heal from tragedy; how to carry on when nothing makes sense…this slim novel offers a wellspring for contemplation." –Booklist