The Man Who Killed Kennedy

The Man Who Killed Kennedy Cover

The Man Who Killed Kennedy

The Case Against LBJ

By Roger Stone; Mike Colapietro

Skyhorse Publishing, Hardcover, 9781626363137, 424pp.

Publication Date: November 6, 2013

Lyndon Baines Johnson was a man of great ambition and enormous greed, both of which, in 1963, would threaten to destroy him. In the end, President Johnson would use power from his personal connections in Texas and from the underworld and from the government to escape an untimely end in politics and to seize even greater power. President Johnson, the thirty-sixth president of the United States, was the driving force behind a conspiracy to murder President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

In "The Man Who Killed Kennedy," you will find out how and why he did it.

Political consultant, strategist, and Libertarian Roger Stone has gathered documents and used his firsthand knowledge to construct the ultimate tome to prove that LBJ was not only involved in JFK's assassination, but was in fact the mastermind.

With 2013 being the fiftieth anniversary of JFK's assassination, this is the perfect time for "The Man Who Killed Kennedy" to be available to readers. The research and information in this book is unprecedented, and as Roger Stone lived through it, he's the perfect person to bring it to everyone's attention.

About the Author
Roger Stone is not only a political consultant, strategist, and lobbyist, but is also the man who single-handedly brought down New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer. He has been involved in politics since his teenage years, worked for both the Nixon and Reagan administrations, and has recently joined the Libertarian Party. Aside from politics, he s also known for his personal style, and writes the annual Ten Best and Worst Dressed Men and Women in the World column for the Huffington Post. He splits his time between New York City and Miami Beach, Florida.

Mike Colapietro is an investigative journalist who received his bachelors from Eastern Connecticut State and masters from the University of South Florida. His work has appeared in the Tampa Bay Times, Smoke Magazine, and