Kink Cover


A Straight Girl's Investigation

By Stephanie Clifford-Smith

Allen & Unwin Australia, Paperback, 9781741759129, 295pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2011

From bondage parties and peeping toms to plushies and foot worshippers, one woman's sometimes mind-boggling, mostly hilarious, always fascinating investigation into sexual fetishes "Turned on by something unusual? Interview subjects required for ultra-confidential research into fetishes. Call Sandra."Stephanie Clifford-Smith was fascinated by fetishes. She wondered what happens the first time someone with a sexual fetish shares it with their lover?Do theyrisktheir lover running screaming from the room by askingtolick their eyeballs? Or dothey find some oblique way of bringing it upperhaps when they're struggling with a stray eyelash? Oris it easier to justgo behind their back and find a willing partner on the internet? Are sexual fetishes widespread, or are they only the domain of a kinky minority? And how has kinkdom changed over time?" "So Stephanie assumes an identity, puts an ad in the local paper, and sets off to find out for herself. She infiltrates the scene, goes to bondage parties, and watches grown men as they have theirdiapers changed. She thought nothing could shock her, but she was wrong.

About the Author
Stephanie Clifford-Smith is a journalist and food writer.

Praise For Kink

"A compelling read"Bust magazine