Whose Tongue Is This?

Whose Tongue Is This? Cover

Whose Tongue Is This?

By Wayne Lynch; Wayne Lynch (Photographer)

Walrus Books, Paperback, 9781770500358, 30pp.

Publication Date: March 14, 2011

Think about all the different ways we use our tongues-to speak, to whistle, to play musical instruments, and to lick ice cream off our lips Most animals, however, have tongues that are very different from ours. Some animals have sticky or rough tongues; some animals use their tongues to catch their food, to comb their fur, or even to smell. In Whose Tongue Is This?, some of the world's most fascinating tongues are on display.Following the same guessing-game formula children have loved in the previous eight books, Wayne Lynch asks young readers to identify the animal just by looking at its tongue. With each turn of the page, a vivid colour photograph of the entire animal is revealed. Accompanied by fun-filled facts and intriguing text, Whose Tongue Is This? captivates young readers and introduces them to amazing birds, reptiles, and mammals with truly unique tongues.