It's about Time

It's about Time Cover

It's about Time

Untangling Everything You Need to Know about Time

By Pascale Estellon

Owlkids, Hardcover, 9781771470063, 48pp.

Publication Date: April 15, 2014

Follow along as friends Jacob and Lily unravel time, starting from its smallest increment the second and finishing with the century. The progressive approach uses crafts, activities, and child-friendly anecdotes along with speech balloons, rhymes, and illustrations to make the abstract concept of time very real and very fun. It covers everything from the difference between a.m. and p.m. to how we use clocks and calendars to keep track of mealtimes, bedtimes, birthdays, and seasons to exactly how long it takes to bake a cake (follow the recipe to test it out ). From counting the number of days in a month using our knuckles to catchy tunes that help us remember the days in a week, "It's About Time" offers a comprehensive and engaging approach to helping kids learn how to tell time. Sure, we can t see it or hear it or touch it and we lose track of it easily, but this is a book that shows time doesn t have to be difficult to understand

About the Author
Pascale Estellon is a prolific writer and illustrator. She has published numerous activity and non-fiction books that have been sold in both French and English. She lives in Brunoy, France.