Banzai Battalion

Banzai Battalion Cover

Banzai Battalion

Just Another Bug Hunt!

By John Wagner; Brian Bolland (Illustrator); Ian Gibson (Illustrator)

2000 AD, Paperback, 9781781082188, 160pp.

Publication Date: March 18, 2014

Tiny robots are the first and last line of defence in the gardens of the future Incredible tales and amazing feats from the creator of Judge Dredd
In a city like Mega-City One where 400 million citizens are crowded into huge housing blocks, free space is at a premium. Gardens, greenery and uninhabited space is extremely rare and only available for the wealthiest citizens. Naturally, these areas need to be protected at all costs - enter the Banzai Battalion - tiny droids who will take on anything that threatens their rooftop garden domain
This collection also features the Judge Dredd's adventures against malfunctioning 'droids of the Big Meg.

About the Author
John Wagner is the co-creator of Judge Dredd, and has been the lead writer on the character for over 35 years. Brain Bolland is one of US and the UK's comics most famous artists, and Ian Gibson and Henry Flint are definitive SF comics artists.