Dolphin and Snipe Aces of World War 1

Dolphin and Snipe Aces of World War 1

By Norman Franks; Harry Dempsey (Illustrator); Osprey Publishing (Manufactured by)

Osprey Publishing (UK), Paperback, 9781841763170, 96pp.

Publication Date: May 12, 2002

This book focuses on the combat careers of the last of the famous Sopwith fighters to enter service during World War 1, the Dolphin and the Snipe, both of which were built on the strong scouting heritage of the Pup and Camel. The Dolphin featured the unique negative-staggered biplane wing arrangement, which provided the pilot with the best possible tactical view forward for seeking out his enemy. Used extensively on the Western Front, the Dolphin proved very effective in combat, with a substantial number of British aces scoring kills with the fighter. The Snipe was built as the successor of the highly successful Camel, and entered service with the fledgling Royal Air Force in the summer of 1918. Although seeing just a few months of action before the Armistice, the Snipe nevertheless proved its superiority over virtually all other fighters.

About the Author
Norman Franks has written more than 30 books related to the history of the Royal Air Force.

A history teacher living in St Charles, Iowa, Greg VanWyngarden has had a lifelong interest in World War I aviation and has been particularly active in researching the colors and markings of German fighter aircraft. Greg has served on the Board of Directors of the League of World War I Aviation Historians and has been both art director and issue editor for that society's journal "Over the Front," He is a long-time member of Cross & Cockade International, and has authored many articles in specialist publication and contributed to several monographs dealing with his favorite subject. This is his tenth book. The author lives in St Charles, Iowa.

Norman Franks is one of the world's leading authorities on World War 1 fighter aviation, having published some of the seminal works on the subject. This is his fourth volume on World War 1 aces for Osprey, having written volume 32 'Albatros Aces of World War I' and 33 'Nieuport Aces of World War I' in 2000 and co-authored volume 40 'Fokker Dr I Aces of World War I' in 2001.

Praise For Dolphin and Snipe Aces of World War 1

"Owing to the specialized market, it's safe to say that there will never be another book on this subject. Therefore, Norman Franks' volume on Dolphin and Snipe aces will remain the definitive treatment of the aces who flew the relatively obscure Sopwith fighters... Nearly 110 photos provide a rare look at the Dolphin, including 15 of the Snipe. The selection is excellent, being well balanced between aircraft and airmen, while the overall quality is good. Modelers will savor Harry Dempsey's
36 color profiles of Dolphins and four Snipes, many with "up close" details. If there's only going to be one book on this subject, Great War aerophiles are fortunate that it was compiled by Norman Franks. Our rating: five stars." -Barrett Tillman, Aerodrome