Modelling the Matilda Infantry Tank

Modelling the Matilda Infantry Tank Cover

Modelling the Matilda Infantry Tank

By Mark Bannerman

Osprey Publishing (UK), Paperback, 9781841767581, 80pp.

Publication Date: February 25, 2004

The Matilda tank saw action in almost all theatres of World War II, from Europe to the Pacific. Born in the interwar years, and developed with numerous modifications following combat testing, the Matilda is perhaps most famous for its role in the desert campaigns of 1940-41, thus acquiring its nickname 'Queen of the Desert'. This book provides a detailed guide to modelling the Matilda tank across a variety of types, colour schemes and scales, and features excellent reference photos. Using clearly explained techniques and methods, and featuring the work of several top modellers, this step-by-step guide to building, finishing and displaying the Matilda in European, Western Desert and Australian service presents a creative and enagaging approach to modelling the 'Tilly'.

About the Author
Mark J. Bannerman has been modeling for many years, with a long-standing interest in Allied armor of World War II and figure painting. He was born in 1963 and spent many years living abroad, before graduating in 1986 in Business Administration. He now works as a finance manager in the Department of Education in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is married to Elizabeth, and enjoys travelling, sailing, golf and following European soccer. For the Osprey Modelling series, he has previously authored Modelling Panzer Crewmen of the Heer, Modelling the Matilda Infantry Tank, and Modelling the Churchill Tank. The author lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.