Frames of War

Frames of War

When Is Life Grievable?

By Judith Butler

Verso, Paperback, 9781844676262, 193pp.

Publication Date: August 24, 2010

In this urgent response to violence, racism and increasingly aggressive methods of coercion, Judith Butler explores the media's portrayal of armed conflict, a process integral to how the West prosecutes its wars. In doing so, she calls for a re-conceptualization of the Left, one united in opposition and resistance to the illegitimate and arbitrary effects of interventionist military action.

About the Author
Judith Butler is Maxine Elliot Professor of Comparative Literature and Critical Theory at the University of California, Berkeley.

Praise For Frames of War

“A trenchant and brilliant book.”—Mike Rowe, Utne Reader

“It’s clear that its author is still interested in stirring up trouble—academic, political and otherwise.”—Bookforum

“Judith Butler is quite simply one of the most probing, challenging, and influential thinkers of our time.”—J. M. Bernstein

“Judith Butler is the most creative and courageous social theorist writing today. Frames of War is an intellectual masterpiece that weds a new understanding of being, immersed in history, to a novel Left politics that focuses on State violence, war and resistance.”—Cornel West

“An impressive and challenging book from one of the leading intellectuals of our time.”—Diva