The Ice Age Tracker's Guide

The Ice Age Tracker's Guide Cover

The Ice Age Tracker's Guide

By Adrian Lister; Martin Ursell (Illustrator)

Frances Lincoln Ltd, Hardcover, 9781845077181, 32pp.

Publication Date: August 24, 2010


If you were exploring in the Ice Age, would you be able to recognize the tracks of a sabre tooth tiger, the droppings of a woolly rhinoceros or the call of the giant deer? If not, this unique book would be the essential guide to have with you for quick, on-the-spot reference.For anyone fascinated by long-extinct creatures, this is a guide to how twelve Ice-Age animals would have lived, eaten and hunted. Vivid illustrations are accompanied by notes on size, body shape fur, food, behaviour and the sort of habitat in which you might have found each animal. Additional notes and illustrations indicate 'signs' to look out for when tracking each animal such as dung and tracks. And there are even warnings to prepare would-be trackers for the dangers that some ice-age animals presented.

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Adrian Lister