Primeval Cover


Extinction Event

By Dan Abnett

Titan Books (UK), Hardcover, 9781845766931, 272pp.

Publication Date: March 31, 2009

When an Entelodon goes on the rampage down Oxford Street, causing untold damage and loss of life, Cutter decides a new approach to tackling the anomalies is needed. However, his investigations expose him and the team to a violent encounter with a mysterious Russian scientist and a situation more catastrophic and frightening than they've ever faced before...
When Cutter, Abby and Connor disappear without a trace, Lester and Jenny must use every trick in the book to try and track them down...

About the Author
DAN ABNETT is a prolific writer of both novels and comics. He has written for a diverse range of characters in comics, including the "X-Men," "Batman," "Superman," "Mr Men" and "Dr Who." He has written 25 novels for Black Library. His Black Library novel "Horus Rising" and his "Torchwood" novel "Border Princes" were both bestsellers.