The Wise Fool

The Wise Fool Cover

The Wise Fool

Fables from the Islamic World

By Husain Shahrukh; Shahrukh Husain; Micha Archer (Illustrator)

Barefoot Books, Hardcover, 9781846862267, 1pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2011

Meet Mulla Nasruddin, a legendary character whose adventures and misadventures are enjoyed across the Islamic world. This witty collection of stories portrays his eccentric, engaging and irreverent character. Nasruddin always has a twinkle in his eye, a sliver of wisdom in his ramblings, and a few good surprises up his sleeve!

About the Author

Shahrukh Husain is a psychotherapist, folklorist, and storyteller. She has lectured extensively and has worked as a consultant on TV documentaries and in an advisory role to members of Parliament on cultural matters ranging from marriage and race to religion and language issues. Her publications include Daughters of the Moon: Witch Tales from around the World (1993) and Handsome Heroines (1996).