Gorilla Cover


By Suzi Eszterhas

Frances Lincoln Ltd, Hardcover, 9781847802996, 32pp.

Publication Date: February 21, 2012


The story of a gorilla, from birth to adulthood, photographed on location in the wild by an award-winning American photographer, who specialises in work with newborn animals. The text will show all the aspects of the animal's life in the wild, accompanied by close-up pictures of the family group in its natural habitat. A spread at the back of the book will give further conservation information, including useful websites.

Praise For Gorilla

"A splendid offering that provides young readers with just the right amount of information and stunning photographs, 'Gorilla' is a great read." - Kendal A. Rautzhan, syndicated newspaper columnist

"While the storyline reads like a children’s book, the photographs could be in National Geographic... I give these books my Alaskan Mom Approval and recommend them to any animal loving family. The combination of photography and engaging storyline make these a regular in our bedtime story rotation." - AK Mom Approved blog

"Far, far away, in the misty mountains of Africa, a baby gorilla is born. The tiny bundle of black fur needs to be looked after just like a human baby. Mom is with her all the time, holding the baby close to her big chest and keeping her warm and safe."
from the book