Naval Aces of World War 1 Part 2

Naval Aces of World War 1 Part 2 Cover

Naval Aces of World War 1 Part 2

By Jon Guttman; Tony Holmes (Editor)

Osprey Publishing (UK), Paperback, 9781849086646, 96pp.

Publication Date: May 22, 2012

Part 2 of Naval Aces looks at the many flying Naval heroes who flew alongside or against those of the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS). While the RNAS operated its own formidable arsenal of Nieuport and Sopwith scouts over the Flanders coast, the German navy countered with its own Land Feld Jagdstaffeln and Seefront Staffeln. In addition, German floatplane units, most notably at Zeebrugge, produced at least three aces of their own at the expense of British flying boats, airships and other patrol craft. Unique to World War 1 was the use of flying boats as fighters in combat, which figured at least partially in the scores of Russian aces Aleksandr de Seversky and Mikhail Safanov. Austrian ace Gottfried Banfield scored all nine of his victories in flying boats and Friedrich Lang claimed two of his total of five in one. The best flying boat fighter, however, was Italy's Macchi M 5, flown by three aces and also the mount of Charles H Hammann, the first American to earn the Medal of Honor in aerial combat. Also unique were the sole US Navy ace, David Ingalls, who scored his six victories while attached to No 213 Sqn RAF, and Greek ace Artitides Moraitinis, credited with nine victories over Salonika and the Dardanelles.

About the Author
Marguerite Williams is a native of Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas where she earned degrees in English and Spanish. She is a widely published essayist and the co-author of two previous non-fiction books, as well as a freelance editor and writing consultant for her business, A Way With Words. A long-time local politician, Williams is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum. The late Jon Guttman was an award-winning media specialist and the co-founder of Winslow Advertising Group/HVHM in New York City, where he served as creative director. A graduate of NYU, his extensive experience in the entertainment industry included writing, directing, and producing ads and radio spots for a wide variety of clients.

A Western Australian by birth, Tony Holmes was a published aviation author by the age of twenty. Moving to England in 1988, he has worked in aviation publishing ever since. Tony has written more than 50 books and edited a further 300 in the past 25 years.

Praise For Naval Aces of World War 1 Part 2

"Part 1 mainly focuses on Britiain's Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS), while Part 2 covers the remainder, including Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, Italy and Greece ... These new additions to the "Aircraft of the Aces" series will offer enthusiasts and modelers a wide range of types and markings for future projects, Having watched Osprey's growing list of such works for more than 16 years, I can say that these two books are packed with the most fascinating details I have yet seen."
--Peter B. Mersky, Aviation History (November 2012)

"The author, an expert on WWI aviation and a prolific writer for Osprey, has produced a superb. well-written and interesting book about ... naval aviation activities [of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Italy, Greece and the United States]."
--Doug Siegfried, The Hook (Fall 2012)

"Guttman’s books illuminate a littleknown portion of First World War aviation history. With the exception of Raymond Collishaw and perhaps one or two other aces, the naval aces of the Great War have taken a deep back seat to their colleagues in other air services. Thus, the need for a
study of First World War naval aces is evident and has been well fulfilled by these works. The novice to this subject will find these books to be a valuable introduction, while the expert will consider them an excellent resource."
--The Northern Mariner (January 2013)