The Men Who Sold the World

The Men Who Sold the World Cover

The Men Who Sold the World

By Guy Adams

Random House UK, Paperback, 9781849902854, 252pp.

Publication Date: August 18, 2011


Agent Rex Matheson investigates the disappearance of a CIA squad transporting secret Torchwood cargo - a Torchwood: Miracle Day prequel

About the Author
Guy Adams is the author of "Torchwood: The House that Jack Built" and was a regular contributor to "Torchwood "magazine. He wrote the best-selling "Rules of Modern Policing: 1973 Edition," "The Future of Modern Policing: 1981 Edition" and "The Wit and Wisdom of Gene Hunt," along with a two-volume series companion to "Life on Mars." His other books include "The Case Notes of Sherlock Holmes" and the fantasy novels "The World House" and "Restoration."