Her Smoke Rose Up Forever

Her Smoke Rose Up Forever

By James Tiptree, JR.

Tachyon Publications, Paperback, 9781892391209, 448pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2004

"Her Smoke Rose Up Forever" collects eighteen brilliant short stories from a luminary of the science-fiction genre, James Tiptree, Jr. This updated edition is the quintessential Tiptree collection and contains revisions from the author's original notes. Tiptree's fiction reflects the darkly complex world its author inhabited: exploring the alien among us; the unreliability of perception; love, sex, and death; and humanity's place in a vast, cold universe.

About the Author
James Tiptree, Jr., was actually Alice Hastings Bradley Sheldon (1915-1987), a fact she kept secret for the first ten years of her meteoric career under the Tiptree pseudonym, as she won awards and acclaim. The truth came out in 1977. She also wrote as Raccoona Sheldon. She was born in Chicago, but spent much of her childhood in Africa and India. Her father was a lawyer and traveler. Her mother, Mary Hastings Bradley, was a well known geographer, traveler, and author of 35 books, who also wrote a successful children's book of which Alice was the heroine. After leaving her first career in the CIA in 1955, Sheldon got a Ph.D. in experimental psychology in 1967 and began her writing career. She won the Hugo, Nebula and Jupiter awards for her short fiction. Today, the annual Tiptree Award, for SF that explores and expands gender roles, is given in her memory.

Praise For Her Smoke Rose Up Forever

"There is just one great collection of Tiptree's fiction still in print...Her Smoke Rose Up Forever, from Tachyon Publications."  The New York Times Book Review

"Tiptree is one of the best story writers in or out of the [science fiction] field."  Locus

"One of science fiction's greatest assets."  Science Fiction Chronicle

"Exquisite, lyrical prose...keen insight and ability to depict singularity within the ordinary."  Publishers Weekly

"Showcases what are undoubtedly the best of Tiptree's stories."  SF Site

"One of the first hardbacks I ever bought and still one of my most read."  Locus