Fly and Spin Fishing for River Smallmouths

Fly and Spin Fishing for River Smallmouths Cover

Fly and Spin Fishing for River Smallmouths

By Bruce Ingram

Ecopress, Paperback, 9781893272095, 180pp.

Publication Date: February 14, 2008

Fly and Spin Fishing for River Smallmouths is a motivating, informative guide for nature lovers of all kinds. The book delves into river bass fishing with easy-to-use tips on everything "smallmouth," from lures and flies, types of cover to target, to strategies for cold and warm seasons, and much more. The book suggests thrilling family-friendly river hobbies like canoeing, bird watching, river camping, and introducing children to the outdoors. This book also leads landowners, farmers, and adventurers in their efforts to protect our nation's waterways. From conservation easements to blueways, the author describes profitable and environmentally-enlightened government conservation programs.

About the Author
Bruce Ingram is an outdoor writer and lifelong resident of Virginia whose award-winning writing has appeared in over 2,000 magazine articles and three other river guides including the newly released The South Branch and Upper Potomac Rivers Guide, which covers the South Branch of the Potomac in West Virginia and the Main Stem of the Potomac in West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia from the confluence of the South and North Branches down to nearly the fall line above Washington D.C. He lives in Troutville, Virginia.