Crap Lyrics

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Crap Lyrics

A Celebration of the Very Worst Pop Lyrics of All Time... Ever!

By Johnny Sharp

Portico Books, Paperback, 9781906032593, 181pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2009

Songwriters often don't seem to bother with the basic laws of the English language.Bob Dylan isfamous for "Blowing in the Wind" but less known for his quite original line"wiggle, wiggle, like a bowl of soup;" Duran Duran sang "you're about as easy as a nuclear war" in "Is There Something I Should Know," and Spandau Ballet even named a song "Instinction," which is in fact not a real word. The airwaves are crammed with terrible titles and nonsensical lyrics, and this hilarious compendium catalogs and identifies the very worst offenders.

About the Author
Johnny Sharp is a music critic who writes regularly for the "Daily Telegraph," the "Guardian," and "Q" magazine.