Red Love

Red Love Cover

Red Love

The Story of an East German Family

By Maxim Leo; Shaun Whiteside (Translator)

Pushkin Press, Hardcover, 9781908968517, 264pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2014

Now, married with two children and the Wall a distant memory, Maxim decides to find the answers to the questions he couldn't ask. Why did his parents, once passionately in love, grow apart? Why did his father become so angry, and his mother quit her career in journalism? And why did his grandfather Gerhard, the Socialist war hero, turn into a stranger? The story he unearths is, like his country's past, one of hopes, lies, cruelties, betrayals but also love. In Red Love he captures, with warmth and unflinching honesty, why so many dreamed the GDR would be a new world and why, in the end, it fell apart.
Growing up in East Berlin, Maxim Leo knew not to ask questions. All he knew was that his rebellious parents, Wolf and Anne, with their dyed hair, leather jackets and insistence he call them by their first names, were a bit embarrassing. That there were some places you couldn't play; certain things you didn't say.

About the Author

Shaun Whiteside s translations from the German include classics by Freud, Musil, and Nietzsche. He lives in London.