Homicide My Own

Homicide My Own Cover

Homicide My Own

By Anne Argula

Pleasure Boat Studio, Paperback, 9781929355211, 219pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2005

Fiction. "Wry humor, straight-talking characters, and shades of the supernatural flavor this cleverly written debut police procedural. Two Spokane cops named Quinn and Odd, a female/male team, drive to an island in the Northwest Indian Territory to pick up a bail-jumper wanted for statutory rape. While there, Odd becomes suddenly psychic after reading about the 30-year-old unsolved murder of an Indian boy and his white girlfriend. Since their bail-jumper is sick, they have just enough time to investigate; and it soon becomes evident that Odd's visions come from the murdered girl"--Library Journal.

About the Author
Anne Argula is a pen name used by former screenwriter Darryl Ponicsan (Taps, Nuts, School Ties, and others) for several mysteries set in the Pacific Northwest. He was born in Northeast Pennsylvania and currently resides in Sonoma, California. After HOMICIDE MY OWN, the second in the series is Walla Walla Suite (2007), which follows Quinn, who narrated the first book. The third in the series is Krapp's Last Cassette, in which Quinn is hired by a screenwriter to verify the existence of a writer whose book he is adapting for HBO. The title is a play on Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape. Ponicsan's Quinn novels are marked by humor and coal regions idiom.