Food Fight!

Food Fight! Cover

Food Fight!

By Carol Diggory Shields; C. Shields; D. Gay-Kassel

Chronicle Books (CA), Hardcover, 9781929766291, 32pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2002


With all the energy of a suddenly opened, well-shaken can of soda, the poet Carol Diggory Shields imaginatively creates a universe of food with a mind of its own. The claymation food by Doreen Gay-Kassel looks almost too fabulous to eat!

About the Author
Carol Diggory Shields is a poet, a humorist, and a librarian -- the perfect qualifications for reducing immense bodies of knowledge into a very few lines of extremely funny verse. Grateful teachers and students can direct fan letters to her in Salinas, Cal

Doreen Gay-Kassel Though she has been extensively published, this is the first time she has applied her talent for creating clay sculptures to a picture book. She lives in New Jersey.