What Others Know

What Others Know Cover

What Others Know

By L. C. Hayden

Top Publications, Paperback, 9781929976263, 283pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2004

Six years after Dan Springer's wife is murdered and his daughter disappears, he receives a call that leads him through the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and into the heart of rival mobs. In his quest to learn what others know, he finds that the road is paved with lies, deception, and murder.

About the Author
L. C. Hayden's newest series, the Aimee Brent Mystery Series, has garnished great reviews. The first one, ILL Conceived is followed by Vengeance in My Heart. In addition, Hayden penned seven Harry Bronson mystery novels, including the highly acclaimed When the Past Haunts You. Reviewers continue to give it Five Star Reviews. The book rose to the Number 2 Kindle Police Procedural Best Seller and was a finalist for the Watson Award. Other books in the series include the Agatha Award Finalist for Best Novel and a Pennsylvania Top 40 Pick, Why Casey Had to Die and When the Past Haunts You. Besides mysteries, Hayden is also the author of the inspirational, nonfiction book Angels and Miracles Abound, a Kindle Best Seller. Others in the series include Angels Around Us which rose to the Number 1 position for the Kindle Angels Best Seller List. It followed When Angels Touch You, another Kindle Best Seller. These books are spiritually uplifting books and focuses on miracles and angels. Along these lines, Hayden also penned the young adult inspirational novelette Bell Shaped Flowers. Another of Hayden's recent releases include the children's picture books, Puppy Dog and His Bone and What Am I? What Am I? which hit the Top 50 Kindle Children Best Seller List. The Drums of Gerald Hurd, another Hayden release, is a horror novel that promises all the punch of a first-class horror story and the sensitivity of a romance. Hayden is also the author of Help! I Want to Write, a writer's handbook. Besides being an accomplished author, Hayden is a popular speaker who is often in demand. She has conducted workshops, school presentations, has spoken to clubs and organizations, and was recently hired by several cruise lines to speak about writing while cruising all over the world. From October 2006 to October 2007, Hayden hosted Mystery Writers of America's only talk show, Murder Must Air. Besides writing, Hayden enjoys drawing, reading, traveling, and scuba diving. Besides fiction, Hayden's non-fiction and poetry has appeared in various magazines, periodicals, and newspapers. To date, she has sold over 400 articles and a handful of poems.