Discovering Soul Connections

Discovering Soul Connections

By Barbara Yudell; B. Yudell

Robert Reed Publishers, Hardcover, 9781931741033, 249pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2010

In her new book, Discovering Soul Connections, Barbara Yudell invites us to experience the non-physical world that will reveal itself to us when we are willing to open our minds and cultivate a receptive heart. Barbara's book leads us to the understanding that we are always connected to our spiritual companions and that after death communications from loved ones can heal our lonely hearts.People who return from near-death experiences often report that their lives have been changed for the better and they have become more psychic. Our sacred journeys are sprinkled with spiritual symbols, numbers, signs, synchronicities and celestial clues. When we pay attention to synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, we receive the spiritual guidance we need.Discovering Soul Connections also offers guidance in the practice of meditation, spiritual study and service to others, all of which will help you on your journey towards spiritual enlightenment.

About the Author
Barbara Yudell hold's a Master's Degree in Education from Queen's College, City University of New York. She has taught extensively, including lecturing on nutrition and ecology. Her intensive studies in metaphysics, parapsychology and spirituality, which were started in 1975, have brought her to her present position as a writer and lecturer in these New Age subjects. A mother of two grown sons and a grandmother of two, she resides in Florida with her husband.