Everything about Me

Everything about Me Cover

Everything about Me

A Guide for My Future Caregivers - Families of Children with Special Needs

By Dee Marrella; Dennis McClellan

DC Press, Paperback, 9781932021578, 200pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2011

Here is the only Guide/Tool that provides families/guardians an opportunity to tell the caregivers in the future, who will take care of their child with special needs, literally EVERYTHING about them. The question most often expressed by parents/guardians is, What happens if I/we die first? This is one reason this book was created -- to provide the child with special needs, a true voice in the future. On these pages, all the pertinent facts and data can be assembled. If the day comes that a new caregiver (a stranger) comes into the life of this child (perhaps, now an adult), this informatio will provide a complete and comprehensive view of just who this person is, how they think, what is important to them, their favorite foods and music, the things they don't like, how they enjoy spending free time, and even the more serious topics -- such as how they want to be remembered and what music they might want played at their funeral. This is a tool that can truly impact the future.

About the Author
Dee Marrella experienced caregiving up close and personal when her mother entered a nursing home in the early 1990's. This book resulted from those experiences. The wife of a military officer, she traveled the world and became familiar with a multitude of cultures. She spent twenty-two years as an educator in the United States and Europe.

Dennis McClellan is a former educator who has spent nearly 40 years in publishing. His primary interests are archaeology, history and trivial information.