The Wrong Doyle

The Wrong Doyle

By Robert Girardi

Justin, Charles and Company, Hardcover, 9781932112184, 337pp.

Publication Date: February 2004

Tim Doyle's uncle has left him a dilapidated mini-golf course and a broken-down bar. When all the wrong people pressure him to sell out fast, Tim starts to wonder if there is something to the rumors of treasure his pirate ancestor is reputed to have left somewhere along the mysterious coast.

About the Author
Robert Girardi is the author of several novels, including "Gorgeous East", and one volume of novellas, all of which have been widely translated. He has written for film and television. His nonfiction pieces and reviews have been published in "The Washington Post", "Washingtonian", "The New Republic", "The National Review" and "Landscape Architecture Magazine", among other publications. A graduate of the Iowa Writer's Workshop and USC Film School, Girardi has received a James Michener Fellowship. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his three children.