Phyla of Joy

Phyla of Joy Cover

Phyla of Joy

By Karen Lee

Tupelo Press, Paperback, 9781932195149, 66pp.

Publication Date: February 28, 2012

Poetry. Asian American Studies. "Karen An-hwei Lee's third book is a beautiful and sustained meditation on the impermanence of humanity's essential components: memory, spirituality, emotion, thought.... Contemplative and linguistically sophisticated, PHYLA OF JOY is simply exquisite 'ink and stanza / flow like wind on grass.'" Rigoberto Gonzalez

There's an undeniable audacity in a poet using the word "joy" in our beleaguered world. In her new book, Karen An-hwei Lee combines scientific precision and an appetite for far-flung vocabularies with a fascination for the sources of rapturous emotion.

In poems that roam from the intimacy of prayer to the art of brewing tea, from bamboo-related famine to quasars, the globe's minor seas, and the nuptial flight of ants, PHYLA OF JOY reaches toward ecstasy.