Ashes Cover


By Kenzo Kitakata; Emi Shimokawa (Translator)

Veritcal, Hardcover, 9781932234022, 218pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2003

The vice and virtues of middle age are espied with an eagle eye in this hardboiled story about a mid-career gangster. Unfolding thorugh chiseled sketches and run through with tantalizing motifs, Kitakata's masterpiece follows the fortunes of a yakuza mobster as his moment of truth approaches. Cool, real, and cleansing, Ashes is a literary tonic.

About the Author
Kenzo Kitakata is the undisputed don of hardboiled and mystery writing in Japan, where he has received numerous literary awards. "The Cage" won the Japan Mystery Writers Association Award and is his third novel to appear in English. His American debut "Ashes" was one of "Las Vegas Mercury's" 10 Best Novels of 2003, a BookSense Selection, and a "Village Voice" Summer Read.

Praise For Ashes

"Ashes is a fascinating look at the largely hidden world of the yakuza, Japan's mafia." --Japan Visitor

"This yakuza fable reads like a treatment for a Takeshi Kitano film, and its aging mobster Tanaka evokes Beat's sullen screen ennui." - Mary Jacobi , The Village Voice