Long Gone Daddy

Long Gone Daddy Cover

Long Gone Daddy

By Helen Hemphill

Front Street, Hardcover, 9781932425383, 174pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2006

When a young man's grandfather dies, he and his minister father travel to pick up the body, and learn to understand each other. Harlan Q is living and working in a funeral home, which he finds easier than living with his Bible-thumping minister father. When his grandfather dies, he has to convince his father, Harlan P, to pick up the corpse. With little money and a quickly ripening body, father and son must tolerate each other during a long drive to bury the old man. They pick up a Zen-minded actor bound for Hollywood, who helps them mend their relationship during a stop at the grandfather's bar, Long Gone Daddy's, in Las Vegas.

About the Author
Helen Hemphill is the author of "Hattie's Carnton: Plantation Life in the Generation of the Civil War "and was honored with a Frist Foundation Teacher Award. She holds an MFAin Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College and has helped students publish in magazines. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee."