Stikky Weight Management

Stikky Weight Management Cover

Stikky Weight Management

In One Hour, Learn to Balance Your Energy Intake and Burn Rate to Control Your Weight, Optimize Your

By Laurence Holt

Laurence Holt Books, Paperback, 9781932974027, 256pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2010

Read this book if you want to.... lose weight and keep it off . reduce your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, . stroke, and diabetes . discover the three bad foods and four good ones . find out the truth behind popular diets . learn surprising (and good) news about exercise . take your first steps to understanding your mostremarkable possession: your body. Stikky Weight Management uses a unique learning method to bring a vital topic to anyone with an hour to spare. We spent hundreds of hours with dozens of readers testing and refining it to be sure it will work for you.Includes a comprehensive Next Steps section with guides to 20 controversial foods, progress monitoring equipment, software, newsletters, and more.