DeKok and Murder by Installment

DeKok and Murder by Installment

By Albert Cornelis Baantjer; H. G. Smittenaar (Translator)

Speck Press, Paperback, 9781933108070, 189pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2007

Although at first it seemed to be a case for the narcotics division, this latest crime soon evolves into a series of sinister and almost impossible murders. Never before have inspectors DeKok and his partner Vledder been so involved in a case whereby murder, drug smuggling, and child prostitution are almost daily occurrences. Blackmail enters the picture and bodies continue to be found. DeKok even finds himself allowing one of the suspects in the serial crimes to go free. To darken the days a bit more, in the past a single murder used to dominate the front pages of the newspapers for weeks, but now they get maybe four or six lines on page fourteen, third column, near the bottom. Death has become commonplace in the news, but never for DeKok.

About the Author
Albert Cornelis Baantjer is the author of "DeKok and the Sorrowing Tomcat."