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Lilac Mines

Lilac Mines Cover

Lilac Mines

By Cheryl Klein

Manic D Press, Paperback, 9781933149318, 351pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2009


"Klein's characters are compelling, one and all."--San Diego Union-Tribune

"A quirky, quickly paced story of a young woman ending a relationship with a young woman then developing a relationship with another young woman: herself. Klein's first book, The Commuters, was a fine debut. Second books aren't necessarily as good. In this case, it's better."--Noel Alumit, Frontiers

Felix Ketay, a twenty-five-year-old Los Angeles dyke, has her foundations shaken when she's ditched by her pomosexual girlfriend and then gay-bashed on the streets of West Hollywood.

Felix's old-school lesbian aunt, Anna Lisa Hill, ran away from home in 1965 at age nineteen and ended up in Lilac Mines, a small town in California's Sierra Nevada foothills with a small but tight-knit butch/femme community.

When Felix joins her aunt in Lilac Mines hoping to discover a place of respite, Anna Lisa proves stand-offish, so Felix devotes herself to investigating the town's one hundred-year-old mystery: the disappearance of sixteen-year-old Lilac Ambrose in the mine shafts that run beneath the mountain.

Felix learns that finding an authentic history is never easy, but Lilac Mines--with its abandoned mines, unknowable secrets, and the occasional quirky-cute thrift store employee--might not be such a bad place to try.

Cheryl Klein is a shameless Angeleno, quiet pescatarian, and shameful tabloid reader. She lives in Los Angeles where she is West Coast director of Poets & Writers, Inc.

About the Author
Cheryl Klein is a shameless Angeleno, quiet pescatarian, and shameful tabloid reader. She like things that are small (presses, drawings, parties, changes) and a few things that are big (novels, desserts, hair). Klein currently works in the nonprofit arts field as West Coast director of Poets & Writers, Inc.