A Primer on Biblical Worldview

A Primer on Biblical Worldview Cover

A Primer on Biblical Worldview

By Michelle Holland; G. Thomas Sharp

Icon Publishing Group, Paperback, 9781933267111, 69pp.

Publication Date: November 15, 2011

Primer on Biblical Worldview is a book outlining the elementary principles that are needed to have a proper understanding of science and the first twelve chapters of Genesis. This primer endeavors to help you evaluate your worldview and adjust it to align fully with the Bible so that you interpret your world through the lenses of Scripture.

About the Author
Michelle Holland received her BA in Biology from Vanderbilt University and her MA in Teaching from the University of Memphis

G. Thomas Sharp, Ph.D., has achieved national and international recognition as a Christian educator, religious leader, businessman and author. He is the founder and chairman of The Creation Truth Foundation (CTF) Inc., and founder of the Institute of Biblical Worldview Studies (IBWS), both in Noble, Oklahoma. He now speaks internationally at churches, schools, universities and conventions.