Hangover Square

Hangover Square Cover

Hangover Square

A Story of Darkest Earl's Court

By Patrick Hamilton

Europa Editions, Paperback, 9781933372068, 334pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2006

"Hamilton . . . is a sort of urban Thomas Hardy: . . . always a pleasure to read, and as social historian he is unparalleled."-Nick Hornby

"A much better writer than Auden, Isherwood . . . and his novels are still true now. You can go into any pub today and see it going on."-Doris Lessing, "The Times"

Adrift in the grimy pubs of London at the outbreak of World War II, George Bone is hopelessly infatuated with Netta, a contemptuous, small-time actress. George suffers from occasional blackouts, during which one thing is horribly clear: he must murder Netta.

Patrick Hamilton enjoyed worldwide popularity during the 1930s. His play "Rope" was made into a film by Alfred Hitchcock, and another, "Gaslight," was a great success on the stage before being made into a film starring Ingrid Bergman.

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