By Lawrence Light; Meredith Anthony

Oceanview Publishing, Hardcover, 9781933515052, 252pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2010

In the city that never sleeps, evil is wide awake. From the bright lights of Times Square to the dark alleys of New York, the Ladykiller is at work and at prey. Four women savagely murdered on the mean streets of NYC. The Ladykiller leaves no trail, no clues. The pressure is on for NYPD detective Dave Dillon - either he solves the crime or he can kiss his job goodbye. When Dave joins forces with Megan Morrison, a beautiful young social worker, the search for a cold-hearted killer leads to a hot romance. But a host of forces threaten to intrude. Megan's jealous mentor would delight in derailing the romance, as would Jamie, a determined detective with her own not-so-hidden agenda. And Dave's shadowy past is never far behind. The clock is ticking for Dave and Megan. Will they close in on the shocking truth behind the crimes, or will it close in on them? In the world of the Ladykiller, passion can turn deadly in a New York minute.

About the Author
An award-winning journalist, Lawrence Light is currently the Wall St. Editor for Forbes magazine. A graduate of Columbia School of Journalism, he has been a reporter and editor for Business Week and Newsday. Meredith Anthony has written for film and TV. As a humorist, her work has appeared in MAD magazine and the women's humor quarterly, Hysteria.