Little Zizi

Little Zizi

By Thierry Lenain; Stephane Poulin (Illustrator); Daniel Zolinsky (Translator)

Cinco Puntos Press, Hardcover, 9781933693057, 32pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2008


A story about acceptance and appreciation of...wellthe little things in life. Remember: "Small is beautiful."

Praise For Little Zizi

"The frankness and humor with which author and illustrator address [the subject] will draw a&helllip;swelling audience.” —Kirkus Reviews

"Wry but always empathic, Lenain brings a novelistic depth to a story that could easily have been little more than an adult's cheap jokeespecially given that the pivotal event is a peeing contest…Whether or not little boys care so much about the size and procreative powers of their zizis is debatable, but for sheer storytelling talent, there's no doubt: Lenain and Poulin are definitely well endowed." —Publisher's Weekly

"Little Zizi is a unique children’s picturebook that dares to address a part of growing up that virtually no other children’s literature will touch…Enthusiastically recommended, especially for mothers and fathers to share with their sons when teaching them the facts of life." —Midwest Book Review

"Little Zizi is a treasure of a book that teaches and encourages young boys to be comfortable with their bodies and genitalia…After all the bullying children, both boys and girls, inevitably face, Martin learns a valuable lesson in both self confidence and friendship." —Review of Texas Books