Mickey Price

Mickey Price

Journey to Oblivion

By John P. Stanley

Tanglewood Press, Hardcover, 9781933718880, 301pp.

Publication Date: September 2013


It’s 1977, three years past the last Apollo mission to the moon, or so the public has been told. Mickey Price is a kid growing up in an orphanage in Orlando; Trace Daniels just won her first go-kart championship in Nevada; Jonah Trotsky is a budding scientist In Illinois. They don’t know each other yet, but they are all being visited by men in short-sleeved white shirts, thin black ties, and distinctive gold-colored glasses — men who have been watching and studying them. They are invited to a NASA camp, but this camp isn’t for summer fun. It’s a training camp for a mission unlike anything they ever dreamed of, an adventure full of danger, thrills, fun, and an interesting cast of characters, not all of which are human.

This adventure tale is told with lots of kid-friendly humor and edge-of-your seat excitement, giving it wide appeal across gender and genre.

Praise For Mickey Price

This rocket-speed adventure captures all the danger, mystery and excitement of NASA moon missions with laugh-out-loud moments along the way. It also reminds us that there are still great mysteries on the moon and beyond, just waiting to be discovered and explored. I know kids will love this story and I hope it inspires them. Go outside at night look up at the moon dream big!—Buzz Aldrin