Walmart Inside Out

Walmart Inside Out

From Stockboy to Stockholder

By Ron Loveless

Stephens Press, Paperback, 9781935043416, 300pp.

Publication Date: June 2011

When you're the largest and most successful company in the world, you've got a big "target" on your back. Critics hate it. Shoppers love it. Is Walmart the evil empire or low-price savior? There's never been a book as uniquely positioned to answer that question. Until now. Author Ron Loveless was there from the start. Actually, before the start. Born to a welfare-supported family in Hiwassee, Arkansas (population 98), Ron and Walmart are inextricably joined at the hip. His mother cleaned house for the man everyone called "Mr. Sam" long before the first Walmart opened its doors. Chronicling Ron's rise from stock boy to senior vice president (or in Ron's words, from "outhouse to penthouse"), Walmart Inside Out gives readers a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the corporate giant from a uniquely-balanced perspective. By turns enlightening, entertaining and endearing, Walmart Inside Out is written in an amiable, down-home style that feels like you're sitting on the author's porch, sharing stories and a cool drink on a gentle Arkansas night.

About the Author
Ronald Leroy Loveless graduated from Bentonville High School in 1960, served four years in the U.S. Air Force and accepted a job with Walmart as a stock boy in 1964. He rose steadily through the Walmart operations ranks, achieving senior vice president status in 1983. Along the way, he was appointed general manager of the Sam's Club operations. Ron left the company in 1986 to pursue interests in the entertainment industry.