The Wallflower 26

The Wallflower 26 Cover

The Wallflower 26

By Tomoko Hayakawa

Kodansha Comics, Paperback, 9781935429920, 176pp.

Publication Date: September 27, 2011

The pressure is mountig on Kyouhei and the boys to turn Sunako into a lady, in order to get their rent for free But when they find out that Sunako has been spending a lot of time in the science room with a mysterious sensei, Kyouhei must decide what he wants more: free rent or love?
Includes special extras after the story.

About the Author
TOMOKO HAYAKAWA has written several manga series, but "The Wallflower (Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge") is her most popular.

Praise For The Wallflower 26

 • "Given the amount of reality-based makeover shows on TV today, The Wallflower couldn't have hit at a better time. Its plot is ripe for a reality-TV incarnation... You'll have to pick up this engaging little shoujo drama." --NewType USA (Book of the Month)
 • "Creator Tomoko Hayakawa has a sexy sense of humor that she serves up with spiderwebs and a whiff of formaldehyde."