Minimalist Parenting

Minimalist Parenting

Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less

By Christine Koh; ASHA Dornfest

Bibliomotion, Paperback, 9781937134341, 243pp.

Publication Date: March 2013

We're in the midst of a parenting climate that feeds on "more" more expert advice, more gear, more fear about competition and safety, and more choices to make about education, nutrition, even entertainment. The result? Overwhelmed, confused parents and overscheduled, over-parented kids. In "Minimalist Parenting, " Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest offer a fresh approach to navigating all of this conflicting background "noise." They show how to tune into your family's unique values and priorities and confidently identify the activities, stuff, information, and people that truly merit space in your life. The book begins by showing the value of a minimalist approach, backed by the authors' personal experience practicing it. It then leads parents through practical strategies for managing time, de-cluttering the home space, simplifying mealtimes, and streamlining recreation. Filled with parents' personal stories, readers will come away with a unique plan for a simpler life

About the Author

Linda Hefferman is an experienced tech writer who has written help systems and user manuals for software and Web sites. Asha Dornfest is the author of multiple editions of "FrontPage For Dummies,"