Custom Nation

Custom Nation Cover

Custom Nation

Why Customization Is the Future of Business and How to Profit from It

By Anthony Flynn; Emily Flynn Vencat

Benbella Books, Paperback, 9781937856106, 240pp.

Publication Date: November 15, 2012


Customization is coming in every industry, for every product. Embrace it or get left behind.

Smart brands such as Chipotle, Zazzle, Nike, and Pandora are ditching the outdated 20th century model of a one-size-fits-all approach to providing products and services. From a Netflix movie night to a marriage courtesy of eHarmony, customization is changing every corner of American life and business.

Custom Nation is a practical how-to guide by someone who has built his business on the power of customization. YouBar founder Anthony Flynn and business journalist Emily Flynn Vencat explain how marketers, brand managers, and entrepreneurs across all industries can reinvigorate their businesses and increase profits.

In Custom Nation, learn:
Why customization is key to today’s businesses and what does and doesn’t work
How to incorporate customization in new and established businesses to make your products stand out and sell
What strategies work for the most successful and profitable custom brands

Drawing on firsthand interviews with the CEOs and founders of dozens of companies specializing in customization, Custom Nation reveals how customization can make any business stand apart and generate market share, increase profit margins, and develop customer loyalty.

Praise For Custom Nation

A must-read for all entrepreneursand anyone else interested in the future of business.”
Frank Piller, Head of MIT’s Smart Customization Group

Flynn and Vencat have brought the future to you today. This book chronicles how humankind's drive for self expression has evolved and where it is heading.”
Bob Marino, CEO of CafePress

Entrepreneurs are delivering unprecedented customer value by harnessing innovative business models to provide top quality custom products at affordable prices. Custom Nation takes a good look at the history of customization, who’s doing it well, and where it is headed.”
Robert Keane, CEO and Founder of Vistaprint

As CEO of a company whose products are driven by customization, I can confidently say that consumers want specialized, ownable productsand this book shows you how to build a loyal customer base and improve your bottom line.”
Jeffrey Housenbold, President and CEO of Shutterfly

Custom Nation identifies a new space for an entrepreneur to create and grow a business, marrying the evolving technologies of customized production and distribution with the enabling power of internet communications to closely fit customer needs.”
Norman E. Toy, Columbia Business School

A quick and entertaining read, Custom Nation captures the essence of how and why customization has become such a crucial part of the modern consumer experience. The book makes it easy for aspiring customizers to leverage this wealth of knowledge to build the successful CIY business of their dreams.”
Jeff Beaver, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Zazzle

Customization is the buzzword in business these days and Custom Nation explains how to approach customizing effectively and make the most out of it.”
Jan-Christoph Goetze, CEO and Founder of PersonalNOVEL