Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam Cover

Mobile Suit Gundam

The Origin, Volume 5: Char & Sayla

By Yoshikazu Yasuhiko; Yoshiyuki Tomino (Created by); Hajime Yatate (Created by)

Vertical, Hardcover, 9781939130198, 468pp.

Publication Date: March 25, 2014

Years before the White Base landed on Earth, the seeds of war were planted in a space colony called Side-3. Here the Munzo Empire's great philosopher Chairman Zeon Deikun would prepare a declaration before an assembly of senators, but before finishing his speech would fall victim to a sudden attack on the parliament's dais.
Almost instantly, on the streets, the masses have risen calling for independence and have set protests in front of Earth Federation headquarters on Side-3. The calls for Earthnoids to return to their planet eventually would push the Federation to take up arms hoping to combat these riots. The hostilities pit men versus tanks on the streets of this colony and appear to not be letting up.
Meanwhile, Deikun's family, including his children Artesia and Casval, are soon taken into hiding by a Zeon loyalist - Ramba Ral.

About the Author
Hokkaido native Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (1947-) is a Japanese animator and manga artist. His career as a character designer has spannedover fourdecades, creating famed characters for such anime as Super Atragon, Brace Raideen, and the widely known "Mobile Suit Gundam." Considered a pivotal player in mecha and sci-fi anime, Yasuhiko's characters, stories and illustrations are unmistakable in their style and serve as timeless examples as pioneers of manga and animation in Japan.

Yasuhiko began his career as an animator in Osama Tezuka's Mushi Productions, and later on decided to go freelance to work for a number of animation productions for both film and television. In the late 70's, Yasuhiko would turn his attention to the world of comics, as he has since penned nearly two dozen titles since.

In 1981he wasawarded the Nebula Awardby the Japanese Sci-Fi Association.

In1990 his work "Namuj"i won the JapanComic Artist Association Grand Prize

And in 2000 he took the Japan Media Arts Award for Best Comicwith his title "A Revolutionary Dog.