Rainbows End

Rainbows End Cover

Rainbows End

By Vinge; Vernor Vinge

Livre de Poche, Paperback, 9782253159933, 640pp.

Publication Date: April 20, 2011

La Californie, au milieu du XXIe siecle. Dans un monde ou dominent l'informatique et le cyberespace, un dangereux procede de controle des esprits est elabore. Le chef des services secrets europeens est derriere ce procede appele V-D-M-C (Vous-Devez-Me-Croire). Robert Gu, le plus grand poete americain, se trouve mele a l'affaire...

About the Author

Vernor Vinge has won five Hugo Awards, including one for each of his last three novels, "A Fire Upon the Deep" (1992), "A Deepness in the Sky" (1999), and "Rainbow s End" (2006). Known for his rigorous hard-science approach to his science fiction, he became an iconic figure among cybernetic scientists with the publication in 1981 of his novella "True Names," which is considered a seminal, visionary work of Internet fiction. His many books also include "Marooned in Realtime" and "The Peace War". Born in Waukesha, Wisconsin and raised in Central Michigan, Vinge is the son of geographers. Fascinated by science and particularly computers from an early age, he has a Ph.D. in computer science, and taught mathematics and computer science at San Diego State University for thirty years. He has gained a great deal of attention both here and abroad for his theory of the coming machine intelligence Singularity. Sought widely as a speaker to both business and scientific groups, he lives in San Diego, California.