Tina Barney

Tina Barney Cover

Tina Barney


By Tina Barney; Chip Kidd (Editor); Michael Stipe (Text by (Art/Photo Books))

Gerhagerrd Steidl, Hardcover, 9783865219954, 96pp.

Publication Date: September 30, 2010

Tina Barney's earliest photographs were candid snapshots of her well-to-do relatives at home in and around New York, images that revealed both the familial relationships and material wealth she was accustomed to. During the 1980s, she became one of the first photographers to work in the "directional style" when she forfeited the spontaneous freedom of 35 mm for a more detail-oriented, large-format technique that recalled nineteenth-century portraiture. In her two previous volumes, Barney chose to look at American families and their milieu, then carried on this examination of families in Europe. This new collection, "Players," sees Barney expand her subject matter to include fashion, performers and actors, as well as her own circle of friends. Emboldened by the cacophony of the set and the stage, Barney has here embraced a more casual aesthetic that is no less visually exhilarating. In "Players," she combines commercial assignments dating back as far as 1988 with editorial, fashion and portrait photography, selections from her personal work completing the mix. The result is refreshing, revealing and curious. Barney has always been fascinated by the circumstances in which her subjects operate; whether performing publicly or privately, they are all "players." Editor and designer Chip Kidd has translated that excitement to the pages of this volume, to which Michael Stipe has contributed a poetical commentary.

About the Author

Chip Kidd was born in 1964 in Shillington, Pennsylvania. He is an editor and writer his Batman By Design was a NYT best-seller but he is best known for his book designs, for which he's received the field's highest honors. He currently resides in New York and, with his partner (poet and editor J.D. McClatchy), in Connecticut.

Michael Stipe is the lead singer of R.E.M. Douglas A. Martin is the author of Outline of My Lover, My Gradual Demise and Honeysuckle, and Servicing the Salamander. Grant Lee Phillips' group Grant Lee Buffalo has released three acclaimed CDs. Tom Gilroy is an actor and director living in New York City. Anna Grace is a writer living in New York City. Rick Roth is an activist with Amnesty International. Jim McKay is cofounder of C-Hundred Film Corp. Steve Earle's latest album, Jerusalem, was released to critical acclaim in 2002.