Life Is Beautiful!

Life Is Beautiful! Cover

Life Is Beautiful!

By Ana Eulate; Nivola Uya (Illustrator)

Cuento de Luz SL, Hardcover, 9788415619260, 28pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2013


Violet is a little Kenyan girl who is visited by a winged giraffe during one particularly hunger-filled night. Wanting to cheer up a hungry and dejected Violet, the giraffe takes the little girl on a flight around her country of Kenya, as well as around the entire African continent. During their journey, Violet is able to see the beauty of her land from a new perspective, but still worries for herself and for her people. She is soon reassured by the giraffe, however, who tells her that help will come if she and her people appeal to the compassion of others from around the world, as well as if they are able to spread laughter among each other.

About the Author
Ana Eulate is the award-winning author of "Gaspar y las zapatillas magicas "and "Little Cloud Lamb." Nivola Uya is the award-winning illustrator of "Las rocas con ojos de monstruo "and "El viaje del nino Muon."