Clucky and the Magic Kettle

Clucky and the Magic Kettle Cover

Clucky and the Magic Kettle

By Mar Pavon; Monica Carretero (Illustrator)

Cuento de Luz SL, Hardcover, 9788415619444, 30pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2013

Clucky the Hen takes her baby chicks to the farmyard school every morning so they can learn, play, and make new friends. But the baby chicks soon learn how mean others can be when some of the other students tease, bully, and start rumors about a classmate and even about them and Clucky. When the chicks come home and tell Clucky about the mean things their classmates say, she tells them to ignore them and not to take any of their comments to heart. In the end, Clucky uses her magic kettle to collect bad feelings and turn them into good ones so that the farmyard school can become a positive and friendly place. Clucky's third tale addresses bullying and peer pressure and emphasizes the importance of a good attitude and open communication.

About the Author
Mar Pavon is an author of children's poetry whose books include""the Clucky series, "Could It Happen to Anyone?," and "Zaira and the Dolphins."""Her books have been translated into Portuguese, French, and English. Monica Carretero is an author and an award-winning illustrator. Her books include "Little Cloud Lamb," the Handbooks series, the Mini-animalist series, and "Yago's Heartbeat."