Por Que He Matado a Pierre

Por Que He Matado a Pierre

Why I Killed Pierre

By Olivier Ka; Alfred; Alfred Alfred

Ponent Mon, Hardcover, 9788496427464, 112pp.

Publication Date: December 15, 2008

Olivier Ka tells us a tale that is both personal and private, that of a child sexually abused by a priest, and does so without falling into clich? or tear-jerking melodrama. This is surprising since the child in question is Ka himself The elegance of the full color illustrations by Alfred and the empathy between the two creators truly make this book stand out. A superb exercise in introspection and a delightful read for all lovers of good graphic novels, this title won the Reader's Choice Award at the 2007 Angouleme Festival.

About the Author
Born in Lebanon in 1967, Ka grew up in the Paris suburbs, quit school when he was 16 and pursued all kinds of careers, principally writing, generating novels for adults, scripts for graphic novels, and fantasy and humour stories for children. Alfred was born near Grenoble, France in May 1976, formed a publishing company, Ciel Ether, when he was 18 and is now best known for his children's series Octave with David Chauvel.