Ant Farm

Ant Farm Cover

Ant Farm

Allegorical Time Warp: The Media Fallout of July 21, 1969

By Felicity Scott

Actar D, Paperback, 9788496954243, 314pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2008

Felicity D. Scott revisits the architectural, art, video, and intermedia practices of the experimental collective Ant Farm, self-described ]super-radical activist environmentalists.] Drawing together archival material on their extended fields of practice, Ant Farm features the first full-color publication of the complete Ant Farm Timeline, as well as Allegorical Time Warp: The Media Fallout (1969) and an archival dossier on Ant Farm's Truckstop Network (1970-1972).

The Ant Farm architects produced experimental works on the "fringe of architecture" (1968-1978) and were influential video artists. Felicity D. Scott is Assistant Professor of Architecture at Columbia University and a founding editor of Grey Room.