The Great Race

The Great Race Cover

The Great Race

An Indonesian Trickster Tale

By Nathan Kumar Scott (Retold by); Jagdish Chitara (Illustrator)

Tara Books, Hardcover, 9789380340159, 32pp.

Publication Date: June 12, 2012


"Though there's no claim that this art style has any relationship to the original tale, it's an apt match. The book designer adapted the work to the printed page, keeping the intense blood red and ebony black. Each double-page spread takes on an exciting life of its own. A note provides background information on the tale, and an afterword tells the story of the illustrations with photographs of the original cloths. This unusual multicultural pairing packs a powerful punch." - Kirkus Reviews

"I'm the fastest animal in the forest!" boasts Kanchil the trickster mouse deer. "And I challenge any animal to race me!" Who will step forward to accept this challenge, and can Kanchil be beaten?

Illustrated in the exquisite Mata-ni-Pachedi style of ritual textile painting from Gujarat.

The Great Race is the third story in the Kanchil series by Nathan Kumar Scott, preceded by the popular Mangoes and Bananas and The Sacred Banana Leaf.

About the Author
Raised in India of American parents, Nathan has been bridging cultures all his life. A theatre director, designer, playwright, puppeteer and storyteller, his work has been performed in the US, Ecuador, Mexico, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Nathan is also the director of the SAGE (Studies Abroad for Global Education) foundation, which introduces Indian culture to students around the world.