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Reach Out to Bellevue

Reach Out and Read at Bellevue Hospital is part of a national initiative to make books a routine part of pediatric care, starting at a baby’s six month check-up.

Unfortunately, the program at Bellevue lost thousands of books during Hurricane Sandy.

"Reach Out to Bellevue"—spearheaded by Carol Chittenden of Eight Cousins—gives customers of ABC member bookstores the opportunity to purchase a book during the holiday season to help the program at Bellevue rebuild.

Participating bookstores can make a small “Reach Out to Bellevue” display using this list of needed titles or add just a few titles to their existing Giving Tree programs. Every bit helps! Books can be tagged or bookmarked in an identifying manner to help staff recognize them when they are brought to the store counter, and stores do not need to stock every book on the list. Carol has suggested that participating stores may consider providing a discount on these purchases and/or a bounce-back coupon for future purchase.

Stores who choose to participate should bring books to the NECBA meeting on March 14th in Portland, ME, or to one of the NAIBA children's spring meetings to be collected by ABA. Books collected by the ABA will be taken to Bellevue at no cost to participants. Stores in other regions who wish to take part should store books until Bellevue opens to the public and can accept shipment.


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